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Author Michael Starr Details The Life And Career Of Ringo Starr In New Biography

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For the first time, famed Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is the focus of an in-depth biography on his life growing up in Liverpool to his incredible music career called Ringo: With a Little Help.

K-EARTH 101’s Gary Bryan spoke with the book’s author, journalist Michael Starr – who coincidentally shares Ringo’s stage name, but is of no relation – about shedding light on one music’s most famous drummers.

The book is the first comprehensive biography on Ringo and delves into his every aspect of his life from his debilitating illnesses as a child to overcoming against all odds to become a world-renowned drummer for the biggest rock band in the world.

“That’s one of the purposes [of the book] to shed some light on Ringo,” said Michael. “We all know about Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison to a little lesser extent, but nobody’s ever really sat down to cover Ringo’s life from his birth to Liverpool up to present day.”

Before ever joining The Beatles, Michael says Ringo was a “terrific drummer in his own right” and that there was a reason he was recruited by George Harrison to join the band.

Michael interviews dozens of famous drummers for the book including Max Weinberg, Phil Collins, John Densmore and Kenny Aranoff, who all credit Ringo as their inspiration. But sadly, as Michael explains, Ringo himself wouldn’t speak to him for the biography.

“It was unfortunate, but this happens when you write about someone who’s still alive and extremely famous,” explains Michael. “I did reach out to him through his attorney in L.A. …I didn’t hear back for a while and then several months later, Ringo – he got the message, because he posted something on his website and his Twitter account saying ‘Michael Starr is writing this book. It has nothing to do with me. Peace and love.’”

Despite not speaking with Ringo, Michael “paints a complete portrait of the legendary drummer” in the biography, and Beatles fans will certainly learn more about the man keeping the beat behind the kit.

Ringo: With a Little Help is out now and is available in book stores or on Amazon.

Hear our full conversation with Michael Starr in the clip below.


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